Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Implement AI for Quick Wins in Marketing and Sales

  • Have the confidence to ask the right questions to your team and colleagues

  • Guide your team to automate content creation and distribution

  • Add the right tools to streamline your process and empower your teams

  • Leverage AI to deepen and accelerate research on your target customers

  • Use AI-driven analytics to make data-backed decisions for growth.

AI for Sustainable Growth

How to use AI for Marketing and Sales

    1. Unlocking AI's Potential: Immediate Benefits for B2B Leaders

    2. AI Tools You Can Implement Today

    3. Developing Your AI Quick-Start Plan

    4. Navigating Initial Challenges and Measuring Success

    5. Key AI Concepts Every Marketer and Sales Leader Should Know

    1. From Data to Strategy: Market Analysis with AI

    2. Creating Dynamic Customer Personas with AI

    3. Gaining the Competitive Edge with AI-Powered Market Intelligence

    4. Using AI to Identify Untapped Customer Segments

    1. The Basics of AI-Driven Content Creation

    2. Testing and Optimizing Your Messages with AI

    3. Personalization at Scale: AI’s Role in Tailored Messaging

    4. Aligning Your Brand Voice with AI-Crafted Messages

    1. AI Tools for Efficient Content Creation

    2. Enhancing Content Quality with AI-Powered Editing Tools

    3. Automating Content Distribution Across Channels

    4. Measuring Content Impact with AI Analytics

    1. Integrating AI into Your Sales Outreach Strategy

    2. AI for Personalizing Sales Communications

    3. Optimizing Sales Cadences with AI Insights

    4. AI Tools for Sales Engagement and Follow-up

    1. AI in Lead Scoring: Identifying High-Value Prospects

    2. Enhancing Sales Forecasts with Predictive AI

    3. Shortening Sales Cycles with AI-Driven Insights

    4. Strategies for Increasing Win Rates with AI Support

About this course

  • $697.00
  • 41 lessons

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • AI Cheatsheet

    Easily refer back to our cheatsheet on top AI tools and the best way to use them along with a list of prompts that you can use to save time and get the right output from ChatGPT.

  • Live Sessions

    We host a few live sessions during the course where we dive deeper into some of the topics covered. That's your chance to ask questions and share your experience.

  • 1-on-1 Email Q&A

    You can reach me by email to ask your most pressing questions and get some pointers to start implementing what you learn as quickly as possible.

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Your Instructor

CEO, Advisor Michel Gagnon

Michel is a tech leader, entrepreneur, and advisor. He has been Global MD at plista, an adtech company owned by WPP. He is an Advisor at Stun and Awe, and Mentor at Greentech Alliance and APX (Axel Springer & Porsche).

Over the years, he has:
- Led a 100-people tech company including a 40-people strong product and engineering team
- Launched multi-million-dollar products and developed strategies to grow margins by 40%-50%
- Launched markets like the U.S. ($21M) and Australia ($10M)
- Conducted business across the world: Australia, Canada, China, EU, LATAM, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, U.A.E., and the U.S.
- Helped 50+ startups and scaleups expand into new markets, validate product ideas, and design their operations to scale
- Former Management Consultant at PwC
- Strategy and International Business Development at Bombardier

Michel has studied and worked in Canada, China, and Germany. He speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently and knows his way around in German and Chinese.