Learn the fundamentals of Growth Hacking

A scientific approach to marketing and growth

Sometimes it feels like some people are just great at coming up with amazing ideas. The thing is, many of them have learned to use a solid growth process.

Course Outcomes

Here's what you can expect to learn in this course

  • Understand what Growth Hacking is

  • The benefits of using a flywheel instead of a traditional marketing funnel

  • How to implement a Growth Hacking System

  • Which metrics you can use to measure your growth experiments

  • Various customer acquisition strategies

  • Why retention can become your main growth driver

6 days packed with actionable insights

    1. Welcome!

    2. What is Growth Hacking?

    1. Why You Should Set Up a Flywheel Instead of a Marketing Funnel

    1. How to Implement a Growth Hacking System

    1. Measuring Your Experiments with PIRATE Metrics

    1. Explore Customer Acquisition Strategies

    1. Why Retention Is the True Measure of Product/Market Fit

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What people are saying

Sallyann Della Casa

Founder & CEO | GLEAC

"Michel is a solid experienced sounding board and helps me cut through the noise. The tools helped me stay on track and measure whether I am hitting the company's strategic goals or not. It helped me get clarity."

Nadim Choucair

Founder | 2030 Cabinet

"Michel really knows how to help you focus and act on your top priorities. He's action-oriented and draws on a really diverse business expertise to help you challenge your assumptions on what is the most impactful thing to work on."

Tilman Kemper

Manager Venture Development | APX

“I really like how intuitive the SPES model is and how it can be implemented almost instantly in a startup.”

Megesh Vaidun

Startup Founder | theflew.io

"Exactly what founders need. Most comprehensive course out there, liked it fully! The best part is that it includes frameworks and templates. It's super useful!"